Grocery Stories

Whole Foods and Amazon

Nowadays, Amazon – started in only 1995 if you can imagine – is fast-becoming a world dominating grocer. Owning Whole Food and Amazon Fresh, as well as now offering 2-hour fresh grocery delivery FREE to Amazon Prime members. Needless to say, the brick and mortar stores of yesterday (Target, Publix, Fresh Market, Costco, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and others) are understandably feeling threatened. Interestingly, even though Amazon purchased Whole Foods and acquired over 400 stores, 2019 saw the official opening of Amazon Go, the cashierless grocery stores which can now be found and may be coming to the U.K. soon. There are 12 of them in the United States. This is crazy to me! (

But some of them are striking back at the behemoth Amazon by refusing to fail. Recently Target and Walmart have added free pickup to their stores, while others like Publix and Walmart have added 3rd part operations like Shipt and Instacart as a grocery delivery option to keep customers coming back for more.

Amazon Air – it’s the delivery option of the future, utilizing specific autonomous drones with artificial intelligence that, with the tiling body, are actually more similar to airplanes than drones ( Competing with UPS, Wing, and several smaller companies to create devices capable of delivering emergency supplies and consumer goods within minutes, let’s all realize that technology has change more than a little in the last 50 years!

With the exponential growth of tech, it is likely that even these up and coming forms of advances will be outdated in as few as five years!

Why You Should Update Your Website

12. Why You Should Update Your Website

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read): Updating your website can help you earn more clients and show off the ones you’re already working with.

You like food, right? Good. Because I LOVE food. However, before I go out and try some new restaurant or even type of food, I look up the reviews from past customers. Now, when you’re looking through reviews you have to do so with a clear head and an ample side of common sense… something most people who actually take the time to write reviews have very little of. Instead, they will rate based on their one time, ten-minute first impression of an experience. Don’t get me wrong, their review is not garbage… but that being said, when going through reviews I honestly tend to discount about 20% of them.

Some of them may say something like this, but with more grammatical errors than a middle schooler’s text message, as well as more over-exagerrations than a Brazilian soccer announcer: “First time here, was NOT impressed with the look of the Alfredo. I saw this place on TV and the Alfredo looked nothing LIKE this. Customer service was alright. Would NOT come back.” If that’s it, it’s not so bad. But then the people go and leave a 1 star review. So, like I said, don’t get sucked into the emotions that make people write bad reviews.

And most of all, don’t put a lot of stock in anything that only has a total of five reviews. Now don’t get me wrong, those reviews are real. But with very few reviews, you’ll likely receive an inaccurate depiction of the restaurant’s ‘grade’. Look for LOTS of reviews, and a high score. Personally I won’t even try a place if it’s approximately 100 reviews aren’t at least a 4 or a 4.2/5.

As a property manager, websites may seem like they should be the furthest from your mind. Right? You may say, “A Website isn’t a property!” And sure you’d be right. But what about those prospective clients and even vendors or tenants who want to know just a little bit more about you and your company? They’ll go to your website and be able to see that maybe people really HAVE had a good experience, or that you’ve done a great job working with your vendors and your tenants. As a PM, I place more value on the reviews submitted by the clients than I do on the vendors and tenants, but that’s just me. After all, it’s the property owners that I’m working for, and I understand they’re busy.

In fact, updating your website can include more than just reviews. Let’s take a different view: what happens if you don’t update your site? First thing I think of is address may be wrong, even phone number may have changed. This can cost your business. Another thing is that by updating your site, you’re also giving yourself the opportunity to brag about new clients you’ve earned since last update. Thirdly, and less importantly but still ever important, updating staff photos can show off perhaps how large your staff has truly become.

Why SPEND Money on Something That Doesn’t MAKE Money?

The answer is that sometimes money isn’t the only thing that matters. Sometimes what matters is a city. A community. A neighborhood.

It’s an investment. I’m sure you of all people understands investments. Investments are those things that not everybody buys into. Some are quick and some are just – a little bit – sometimes – sssssllllllooooower. Actually, good investments are the ones most people don’t believe in, because it means though there may be higher chance of failure, there is great reward.

The real guessing game is investing in people. This is just what a nonprofit company here in Southwest Florida recently did with a nearby neighborhood. Seeing their city beginning to implode due to the lack of natural leadership and healthy morality, the company decided to invest. When the odds were stacked against this neighborhood, the company went all in.

Most people know Da Vinci’s painting The Last Supper, but few have seen this image or know the meaning behind the strange group gathered in a fast food restaurant. The Modern Last Supper’s subtitle, “Eat Every Supper As If It Were The Last”, encourages people to live with a purpose: Live with purpose and on purpose. Too many people live not planning for the future, then are staggered when surprises come. They react instead of proact.

But how does this relate for owners and landlords? Honestly, it may not. It’s a choice. Because if money always IS the most important thing for you, then this post likely has no takeaways for you. BUT, if you’re willing to believe in the power of people – That just one person can make another person’s day more meaningful – That kindness can be shown through more ways than a happy meal – then maybe it planted a seed. And maybe just maybe that seed grows into a tree, which produces fruit, and that fruit can make someone’s day better.

modern last supper
Real life modern last supper

How to Achieve the Best Tenant Mix for Your Shopping Center

9. How to Achieve the Best Tenant Mix For Your Shopping CenterYou’re a pretty bright person, so don’t worry, I won’t waste your time explaining how to mix tenants together to get that perfect mix of attraction and collection retail stores. Unless you twist my arm JUST right, then I may have to let go of the goods.

Okay fine. Bottom line here is that I’ll basically be talking out loud to you – and I want you to know the whole time that you shouldn’t have to worry about this. This is the job of the leasing agents for your center, and there is much more to successful leasing agents than market knowledge… but, in case you’re curious what goes on in their minds:

1. Start with Your Anchor Tenant(s)

Anchor means that the tenant is preferred, typically national meaning they have stores in multiple states – it also means they likely sign a longer lease and occupy more space within the center than other tenants. Here in Florida, most of the time we see this being Publix, Whole Foods, and Walmart anchored centers for the Grocery side of things. It also may means that, when people give directions to your center, they say “next to the Publix” or “across from the Whole Foods on the corner of A and B street”.

While Grocery tenants are great, they’re not the only option. Leasing agents also consider Entertainment (Game Time, Movie Theatres, Bowling Alleys), Fitness Centers (LA Fitness, Snap, Crunch, CrossFit gyms), Dining (Italian, Pizza, American, Steak, Fish, Bar & Grill), Financial options (Bank of America, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Chase) and Specialty tenants. The fun comes in laying out the mall just so, making it easy for customers to get to and from places while simultaneously pulling them in to make additional purchases.

2.  Create a Cluster

And that’s when you get into clusters. It’s when leasing agents make a seating chart of stores based on their relevance to one another (for example, their target demographic). The idea is creating ‘zones’ of customer activity to increase sales. All this happens because once customers start buying in one place, they’re likely to make another purchase soon – seriously, like the store next door. By making these clusters, it facilitates this behavior and tenants can complement each other.

Example Cluster 1:

Buffalo Wild Wings

Ross Dress for Less

Five Below

Regal Movie Theater

*This example provides sports-centered dining for the family, retail shopping, discount shopping, and family entertainment.

Example Cluster 2:




Panera Bread

*Slightly different than example 1, this variation offers multiple specialty tenants paired with one mass retail/grocery store and one franchise restaurant.

3. Specialty Tenants

Once a cluster is established, introducing specialty tenants encourages customers to stick around and spend more money. Sometimes, you might get a franchise tenant who has already convinced a customer base to get loyal, stick around, and spend more money. This is helpful because your mall can ride the coat tails of the successful. However, it’s important to recognize the obvious strengths (Dunkin Donuts, CVS, Dental Office) and less obvious weaknesses of adding certain tenants (Massage Parlors, Vape Stores, and Pawn Shops).
In the end, your shopping center is going to achieve the best results by curating the perfect collection of tenants and credit.  The best way to achieve this is to employ a seasoned retail leasing team with a strong track record for success in the local area.  They will have the market knowledge, tenant relationships, experience, strategy and skills required to execute the plan and maximize the return on your investment(ROI).  You may have thought this article would solve all your problems, and while for some it may, it won’t implement the solutions for you.

Trash Talk

8. Wanna Hear Some TrashHere in Florida, proper upkeep of trash corrals is very important for many important safety reasons. The following are some general tips for you as the landlord, or they may also be slightly adapted for use in communication with tenants.

  1. Pests

    – Enclosing the area is recommended especially in locations known to have large populations of pests. Some landlords have spoken up about this extra added cost in build out, but by having a dedicated space for trash as well as having it walled in, pests are further deterred from the trash due to natural pest control. Think of it from their perspective – your corral is the Great Wall of China and those pests are the Mongolians you’re looking to keep out!

  2. Positive Customer Experience

    – Especially in retail, maintain a safe and attractive environment for your customers so that they’ll want to return. You should secure anything, like poles or pallets or even chairs on patios, that could be used as a ladder providing access to the roof, or as projectiles breaking glass in order to gain access to the building.

  3. Crime Prevention & Draining

    – Corral doors should be kept closed and locked when the trash company doesn’t need access. This will help prevent illegal usage and suspicious activity from taking place. You may note some dumpster corrals have a small opening within the walls of the corral. This helps local safety enforcement be able to see through to the inside of the corral while also providing natural draining. Draining is very important especially here in Florida and during the rainy season, so that the amount of standing water (and therefore bugs) is reduced.

For a few professional tips about your dumpster, I went to the professionals of Waste Management.

  • Make sure your dumpster lids can close or else they’ll be left on site
  • To reduce odor, bag all trash. This helps reduce bacteria buildup, smell, and insects. If for some reasons your bags get punctured on the way out to the dumpster, re-bag them.
  • Keep it clean. Regularly clean out your dumpster and the surrounding corral area. There are various types of bleach and sprinkle granule applications you can buy.

Phew, that’s a lot of information, I know! But, let’s be honest, we all have trash every day, so taking care of that trash in the most effective manner saves everyone time and money, PLUS it could be the reason you have return customers.