The Busyness of Business

Alternative title – the business of busyness. Because really, that’s the truth. Once you can manage being ‘busy’, your business improves. And once you can manage your business, your busyness can increase. But sometimes it doesn’t happen at the right time. Okay let’s be honest, life is always going to push, challenge, and urge us to be busier than we once knew how to be. And it’s a question of if we will rise to the challenge, or fall. Or sink. Whichever metaphor works best for you – whether you’re treading water or flapping your arms, it’s a busy life. Lots of times think that the more work we do or the more check marks we make in our list, the more successful we’re going to be.

Most importantly hear this: Busyness does not equal success.

The most successful people in the world are those who have boundaries in their lives. They’re the ones who know how to have an idea, START working on it, actually WORK it to completion, FINISH the idea. And then they’re done with it. It looks something like this:


We can all get into trouble when we have an idea and never actually start it.

Or we work on something for too long, never finishing it.

But I think the hardest thing for me to realize is that we need closure in our lives. Things have to have a start, middle, and end – and so if they never end, our brains will keep rehashing and going over and returning incessantly until NO other idea can be worked on.

Organize your life into sections. Like one of those fantastic plates we all had in elementary school that divided our meal up into portions or types of food. Segment your day and your life the same way, so you can go 100% into whichever area it’s time for now.

And schedule in time for relaxing. BREATHE. Some people call this sharpening the ax. I call it setting down the ax for a while and catching your wind.


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