OWNERS and Tenants BEWARE!

As Property Managers, we’re trained to identify the small details: The tiny cracks in the pavement, the leaking faucet, the extra splash of paint, the recurring roof leak… catching things proactively before they become a bigger headache for Owners is what one way we can help. But sometimes, there are such glaringly obvious headaches already in place that ANYBODY should see them. Sometimes, people see the problems, or even people CREATE those headaches, and then either people don’t talk about it or they blame someone else.


TENANTS, please learn to talk with your PM team. Because OWNERS, unless you have cameras or it’s a single tenant, people play the blame game and no one will ever know for sure who leaves the dumpster lid open – welcoming in nasty neighbors, crows, vultures, rats, and insects.

This single mistake, leaving the dumpster lid open, affects ALL tenants adversely. Not only does the garbage smell permeate the area, but now there are rodents and birds on site, shuffling around and hungry. This is unhygienic, simply looks bad, and especially surrounding restaurants, makes customers want to stay as far away as possible.

This costs money. Big time. And on that same train of thought, having rodents and pest and birds surrounding the dumpster corral leads to trash and animal waste throughout the corral… which means if the ownership18. Owners and tenants - beware! wants a clean and appealing center or store, it will require power washing, cleaning, and operating costs go up for everyone!

Bottom Line: Save some money. Help your tenants help YOU save money. Empower them and let them know they can decrease their overall costs, and yours, and thank them for it!

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