Grocery Stories

Whole Foods and Amazon

Nowadays, Amazon – started in only 1995 if you can imagine – is fast-becoming a world dominating grocer. Owning Whole Food and Amazon Fresh, as well as now offering 2-hour fresh grocery delivery FREE to Amazon Prime members. Needless to say, the brick and mortar stores of yesterday (Target, Publix, Fresh Market, Costco, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and others) are understandably feeling threatened. Interestingly, even though Amazon purchased Whole Foods and acquired over 400 stores, 2019 saw the official opening of Amazon Go, the cashierless grocery stores which can now be found and may be coming to the U.K. soon. There are 12 of them in the United States. This is crazy to me! (

But some of them are striking back at the behemoth Amazon by refusing to fail. Recently Target and Walmart have added free pickup to their stores, while others like Publix and Walmart have added 3rd part operations like Shipt and Instacart as a grocery delivery option to keep customers coming back for more.

Amazon Air – it’s the delivery option of the future, utilizing specific autonomous drones with artificial intelligence that, with the tiling body, are actually more similar to airplanes than drones ( Competing with UPS, Wing, and several smaller companies to create devices capable of delivering emergency supplies and consumer goods within minutes, let’s all realize that technology has change more than a little in the last 50 years!

With the exponential growth of tech, it is likely that even these up and coming forms of advances will be outdated in as few as five years!

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