Why You Should Update Your Website

12. Why You Should Update Your Website

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read): Updating your website can help you earn more clients and show off the ones you’re already working with.

You like food, right? Good. Because I LOVE food. However, before I go out and try some new restaurant or even type of food, I look up the reviews from past customers. Now, when you’re looking through reviews you have to do so with a clear head and an ample side of common sense… something most people who actually take the time to write reviews have very little of. Instead, they will rate based on their one time, ten-minute first impression of an experience. Don’t get me wrong, their review is not garbage… but that being said, when going through reviews I honestly tend to discount about 20% of them.

Some of them may say something like this, but with more grammatical errors than a middle schooler’s text message, as well as more over-exagerrations than a Brazilian soccer announcer: “First time here, was NOT impressed with the look of the Alfredo. I saw this place on TV and the Alfredo looked nothing LIKE this. Customer service was alright. Would NOT come back.” If that’s it, it’s not so bad. But then the people go and leave a 1 star review. So, like I said, don’t get sucked into the emotions that make people write bad reviews.

And most of all, don’t put a lot of stock in anything that only has a total of five reviews. Now don’t get me wrong, those reviews are real. But with very few reviews, you’ll likely receive an inaccurate depiction of the restaurant’s ‘grade’. Look for LOTS of reviews, and a high score. Personally I won’t even try a place if it’s approximately 100 reviews aren’t at least a 4 or a 4.2/5.

As a property manager, websites may seem like they should be the furthest from your mind. Right? You may say, “A Website isn’t a property!” And sure you’d be right. But what about those prospective clients and even vendors or tenants who want to know just a little bit more about you and your company? They’ll go to your website and be able to see that maybe people really HAVE had a good experience, or that you’ve done a great job working with your vendors and your tenants. As a PM, I place more value on the reviews submitted by the clients than I do on the vendors and tenants, but that’s just me. After all, it’s the property owners that I’m working for, and I understand they’re busy.

In fact, updating your website can include more than just reviews. Let’s take a different view: what happens if you don’t update your site? First thing I think of is address may be wrong, even phone number may have changed. This can cost your business. Another thing is that by updating your site, you’re also giving yourself the opportunity to brag about new clients you’ve earned since last update. Thirdly, and less importantly but still ever important, updating staff photos can show off perhaps how large your staff has truly become.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Update Your Website

    1. Not sure yet. Think we are still planning to roll out the next version with ScheduleOnce as a remodel for the website, allowing people to schedule conference calls and info sessions as well. And the newest update, not quite there yet (trinitycre.com/property-management/), is going to be reviews from Clients, Tenants, and Vendors!


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