Why SPEND Money on Something That Doesn’t MAKE Money?

The answer is that sometimes money isn’t the only thing that matters. Sometimes what matters is a city. A community. A neighborhood.

It’s an investment. I’m sure you of all people understands investments. Investments are those things that not everybody buys into. Some are quick and some are just – a little bit – sometimes – sssssllllllooooower. Actually, good investments are the ones most people don’t believe in, because it means though there may be higher chance of failure, there is great reward.

The real guessing game is investing in people. This is just what a nonprofit company here in Southwest Florida recently did with a nearby neighborhood. Seeing their city beginning to implode due to the lack of natural leadership and healthy morality, the company decided to invest. When the odds were stacked against this neighborhood, the company went all in.

Most people know Da Vinci’s painting The Last Supper, but few have seen this image or know the meaning behind the strange group gathered in a fast food restaurant. The Modern Last Supper’s subtitle, “Eat Every Supper As If It Were The Last”, encourages people to live with a purpose: Live with purpose and on purpose. Too many people live not planning for the future, then are staggered when surprises come. They react instead of proact.

But how does this relate for owners and landlords? Honestly, it may not. It’s a choice. Because if money always IS the most important thing for you, then this post likely has no takeaways for you. BUT, if you’re willing to believe in the power of people – That just one person can make another person’s day more meaningful – That kindness can be shown through more ways than a happy meal – then maybe it planted a seed. And maybe just maybe that seed grows into a tree, which produces fruit, and that fruit can make someone’s day better.

modern last supper
Real life modern last supper

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