Trash Talk

8. Wanna Hear Some TrashHere in Florida, proper upkeep of trash corrals is very important for many important safety reasons. The following are some general tips for you as the landlord, or they may also be slightly adapted for use in communication with tenants.

  1. Pests

    – Enclosing the area is recommended especially in locations known to have large populations of pests. Some landlords have spoken up about this extra added cost in build out, but by having a dedicated space for trash as well as having it walled in, pests are further deterred from the trash due to natural pest control. Think of it from their perspective – your corral is the Great Wall of China and those pests are the Mongolians you’re looking to keep out!

  2. Positive Customer Experience

    – Especially in retail, maintain a safe and attractive environment for your customers so that they’ll want to return. You should secure anything, like poles or pallets or even chairs on patios, that could be used as a ladder providing access to the roof, or as projectiles breaking glass in order to gain access to the building.

  3. Crime Prevention & Draining

    – Corral doors should be kept closed and locked when the trash company doesn’t need access. This will help prevent illegal usage and suspicious activity from taking place. You may note some dumpster corrals have a small opening within the walls of the corral. This helps local safety enforcement be able to see through to the inside of the corral while also providing natural draining. Draining is very important especially here in Florida and during the rainy season, so that the amount of standing water (and therefore bugs) is reduced.

For a few professional tips about your dumpster, I went to the professionals of Waste Management.

  • Make sure your dumpster lids can close or else they’ll be left on site
  • To reduce odor, bag all trash. This helps reduce bacteria buildup, smell, and insects. If for some reasons your bags get punctured on the way out to the dumpster, re-bag them.
  • Keep it clean. Regularly clean out your dumpster and the surrounding corral area. There are various types of bleach and sprinkle granule applications you can buy.

Phew, that’s a lot of information, I know! But, let’s be honest, we all have trash every day, so taking care of that trash in the most effective manner saves everyone time and money, PLUS it could be the reason you have return customers.

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